The Korean Skin Care Regimen

The best Korean skin care regimen combines oil-based and water-based products. The first step in the double cleanse is an oil-based cleansers that gently removes excess sebum, makeup, and SPF. Water-based cleansers do not strip the skin but remove water-based dirt and debris. They also contain ingredients to keep the skin healthy and smooth. Korean skin care products are also good for sensitive skin and can help you combat sun damage.

As far as skincare regimens go, Korean beauty products have been around for decades. Many companies were established in the 1940s and 1950s. Some of these companies continue to operate today. The first natural-ingredients-focused company was Saengreen in 1987. Another brand that became popular in the 1990s is Shangpree, famous for its eyepad masks. As time passed, these companies continued to innovate and develop new products and formulas.

The Korean skincare routine is quite complex, with several steps. The primary focus of each step is to gently improve the skin and achieve long-term results. Whether you prefer to cleanse twice a day or apply a cream, Korean skincare routines begin with a traditional double cleanse. Once you have completed the cleansing process, you can customize your routine to suit your specific needs. Most Korean skincare routines are ten steps long, though you can choose one step or half as long as it meets your personal preferences.

Essences are an essential part of the skincare routine. They remove impurities and hydrate the skin. In K-beauty, essences contain botanical extracts and are mild hydrating toners. Hyaluronic acid-based toners are almost non-existent in Korean skincare. These products are also beneficial for those who suffer from sensitive skin, as they are able to calm the skin and prevent irritation.

In addition to moisturizers and toners, Korean skin care products also include a variety of skin treatments. For example, a facial massage is popular in most Asian countries and is thought to stimulate the surface of the skin. It also helps drain the lymphatic system, which causes puffiness. Another important part of the Korean skincare routine is the use of oil cleansers. Choosing an oil-based cleanser should clean pores without disrupting the skin’s pH levels. Alicia Yoon, founder of Peach & Lily, recommends using the Power Calm Hydrating Gel Cleanser as it is effective for all skin types and is very gentle on the skin.

It’s important to know that Korean skincare products are not an overnight fix for your skin. Instead, you should start using them slowly and gradually. The best way to start is to replace your current skincare products with the K-beauty equivalents and then add the appropriate steps to your daily skincare routine. Alternatively, you can start with a starter kit, such as the Soko Glam Quick Starter Skincare Set, which costs $62.

After a skin cleanser and toner, Korean skincare products are layered to ensure the skin stays hydrated and nourished. Unlike traditional face masks, essences work at a deeper level to rejuvenate skin and prep it for the next step. Often used morning and night, these products are applied to the face and neck. They work to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you use them properly, they can produce a Korean glow.

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